My Cousin Peed And Pooped In Her Underwear And Jean Shorts

one day my cousin brooke was over and we hung out in my room when she said she had to pee and poop and i said just go in your underwear and she said ok. she was wearing white underwear with jeanshorts. she said im gonna pee in my shorts and i said ok so she pulled her shorts down and pulled her underwear down and pulled her shorts back up and started to pee in them making her moan with pleasure then she took her shorts off and started to finger herself then she said to me uh oh my tummy doesnt feel good i think i may have some explosive diarrhea and i said come over here and put ur shorts back on then unload into them and she said ok so she put her shorts back on without underwear then i said come sit on my lap and she said ok so she came over and sat on my lap and then i said are u ready to release and she said not yet i want u to rub my ***** real hard and i said ok so i put my fingers on her shorts and started rubbing real hard she started moaning with pleasure then she said oh no i cant hold my poop in any longer then i said put ur butt up and release and she said ok so she put her butt up and said here it comes and she pushed and a ton of liquid poop started coming out into her shorts then she was done
Awesomeman12 Awesomeman12
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012