Sighting At Work

Work today was the best day I have had in the four years I have been with the company. My task was to make some electrical alterations to the male and female change rooms. It was a job everyone had avoided including me because of the location and the task but from now on that will be different if the opportunity ever comes up again.


Despite having a sign on the door of the female change room and some equipment in the doorway, allot of the girls couldn’t have cared less and proceeded to get changed while I worked. When the first couple of girls ignored the sign and walked in. I waited outside but soon realized the job was going to take all day doing that. From then on I asked them to use the other facilities but most said it didn’t bother them if I was there and walked in. The place I work is a 24-hour operation and has at least 250 girls working there in several different departments, starting shifts at different times. Most are attractive and young so there were quite a few nice experiences and two got changed directly in front of me, as if to purposely give me a show, not that I objected. One of the two that got changed in front of me talked the entire time she was there. Every time she had a whine about someone form her department she stopped what she was doing so her hands were free, again not that I objected. She had one of the best cameltoes I have ever seen but that’s a different story.


About 1/2 way through the task the girls stopped coming in for a while, until the one. When I asked her could she go to the other facility she told me they were to far and she was ok with me there even though she seemed quite anxious.  She went to the corner of the change room where a row of lockers obscured the view but fortunately the mirror behind her didn’t hide anything from behind. When she took her skirt off and what looked like black gymnastic pant I almost fell off the ladder, the white panties underneath had a massive poop stain and it was instantly obvious. The stain was at least ¾ of the way up the back of her panties and they looked like she had been walking, sitting or both for a while before and there was no bulge. I only got an obstructed view of the front of her panties but they looked dirty around the crotch.   Out of all the panty views I had got her butt definitely the best. Maybe she knew I could see her, maybe not but either way she took a long time to get changed. For a while she stood there inspecting the damage but eventually put her black jeans on and left. When she did I followed her back to the uniform drop off pretending to be going back to my department, which was the same direction. She walked as if nothing was wrong and I am sure no one would have had any idea what state her panties were in.  


I have had a few sighting before but this one was by far the best. Question is, why did she have the black gymnastic pants over her panties and why take them off in the change room.

mkblain mkblain
36-40, M
Feb 10, 2010