A Life Of A Foot Obsession

Everyday no matter where I am.. My eyes are always darting round for a glimpse of girls feet. When I sleep with girls I can't wait to get them on there back and **** them slowly while is sniff and lick there feet... The warmer sweatier and smellier the better. I stare under desks and fantasise about slipping of the office girls shoes and licking in between her sweat stained toes.. Round my girlfriends her mum sits with her feet up wiggling her beautiful mature toes and the smell of her feet makes my **** pound and throb at the thought of them being around my ****.. On beaches I stare at girls soles as they dig there toes into the sand.. Whenever I get chance to sniff a women's shoe without being caught I just can't resist.. Hoping they stink so I can lick them clean.. Every day that passes no matter where I am one things assured, Feet are never far from my mind
Feetfetish89 Feetfetish89
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Girls/women living in England wanting foot fetish fun get in touch x