My First Real Foot Fetish Encounter

When I was 15 years old I went out with this girl she was the same she as me, she was beautiful and she confessed to me before I even told her about my foot fetish that she loves having her feet worshipped when I heard this I was over the moon coz her feet were so cute with little toes the perfect arch no bad smell so to continue I told her about my foot fetish and her face lit up and she said " please get on the floor and worship my feet and don't come up till I'm satisfied" I was chuffed with this so proceeded and sucked her toes, licked her soles for 3 hours straight! This one of my iconic moments as a foot fetishist. Please add me and message me your stories I'd love to read them :) footguru22.
Footguru22 Footguru22
Jan 16, 2013