Landlord's Foot Fetish

So my husband lost his job a couple of years ago. Things haven't been great since, but his sister's husband helped out by offering us an apartment in a building he owned. And not just any apartment, it was a luxury space. Split level, large living/dining area, nice airy kitchen, and a winding staircase leading to 3 bedrooms on the second floor. I was hesitant to accept because I suspected my brother in law had ulterior motives, ( he has a foot fetish and has always been very interested in my feet) but our current lease expired in a couple of months, and the place was just too good to pass up.
My brother in law has connections to a moving and storage company, and arranged for a van to move our things. He even supervised the move, and was actually a big help , though his duties as supervisor did not prevent him from stealing kisses at every possible opportunity. It was a bit annoying, but I had sneakers on , and at least he left my feet alone. He did manage to locate the boxes containing my shoes, and took personal charge of them . Loading them into the van while saying such precious cargo could not be trusted to the movers. His wife was waiting for us at the apartment and her presence put a stop to the kisses, so i was able to unpack without looking over my shoulder. It was a long day, but we had plenty of movers and packers helping and things went pretty well. We were almost done when I noticed the boxes containing my shoes were not in the apartment. I asked my brother in law about them and he sent one of the movers to the van to retrieve them. The mover came back in a few minutes and said he couldn't find the boxes. My brother in law berated him and we both went out to the van to look. We walked up the ramp into the van and my brother in law quickly yanked a chain closing the door. I tried to get out but he threw me down on a pile of those mats they use to protect furniture and pulled my sneakers off. He started sniffing my feet and tugging on my socks. It wasn't long before my socks were off and my toes were in his mouth . He told me he had been waiting all day for this, and sucked and licked my feet while I struggled to break free. His lips, tongue and teeth worked non-stop at my toes and soles. It tickled terribly.I was trying to scream for help but I was breathless from laughing. After a moment or two the van door opened and the mover who had accompanied us was standing on the ramp looking at us like we were crazy. My brother in law finally relinquished his hold on my ankle and I jumped up, grabbed my sneakers, and ran barefoot down the ramp and into the building. His wife was in the hall as I burst through the door and said "was he tickling your feet again?" . He brought my shoes in a moment later. Smiling at me and sniffing my sweatsox, , he offered to put them on for me. I told him to keep them, and ran upstairs wondering what I had gotten myself into. He later told me he had moved the boxes of my shoes to his car as part of his plan to trap me and attack my feet.
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Have to see these, please add me, have to say though, I'd probably tickle them too.... LOL

Your feet must be irresistable!

really wow add me please thank you

wow what a story...can we see those pretty feet? They must be amazing!

Hey, you must have some really awesome feet... as a lifelong aficionado of the shapely female foot I can tell you that when one of us sees something we really like, beads of sweat break out on our upper lip and we sometimes lose control of our actions.

I don't know if I would be that brash. I think a more subtle approach would be better but I like it. This guy has balls!