And Im Really Worried.

i Know 5 people with eating disorders, 4 anorexics but there is one who i am becoming more concerned about. Lets call her J. Me and J grew up together since we could walk. She is about 6 months older than me. when she went to high school i moved house and we lost contact. Funny enough we ended up liking the same music and fashion style. A lot happened in the 6 years we werent in contact. 2 years ago i was diagnosed with anorexia and i felt very alone. The only other girl i knew with it at the time refused to talk about it. Since i have been in recovery. A few months ago J popped up on chat on facebook. I was delighted having not really spoken to her in such a long time. Out of the blue she asked if i had had eating problems, so i told her i was recovering from anorexia.. Suddenly she she spilled emotionally  typing about how she had recently been diagnosed too and how hard she was finding it.

Dread filled my heart. This girl who had been like a sister when we were younger had this horrendous disease. I couldn't stand the thought of her suffering like i had. So i offered to help in any way i could. Since we have talked many times and id liked to think i have helped her feel less alone. She says its nice talking to someone who understands. In the last couple of months she has lost some weight and is now on a very thin line between meant to be in bed - Hospital. She has maintained the same weight for weeks now and her health isnt very good. Shes been lying to her mum about how much shes really eating and she isnt gaining any weight. Im really worried that she is going to end up in hospital .. or worse. 

I can see now how it must have been for my parents, how frustrating! I just want to scream at her to eat .. but i know exactly how she feels. The statistics are something like 1 in 4 Or 1 in5 die from anorexia.. which is the part that really scares me because that means that theoretically one of us should be dead.. and the one in the worst health at the moment is J :(.. I hope she can pull through into a healthy recovery like i have, i really do.. xXx

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I really know how you feel... After struggling with anorexia myself, and being in recovery and then turning around and having my own little sister diagnosed... I know all too well how unhelpful it is to shove food down her throat and yell and all, but I feel like that's the only thing I CAN do. I really hope your friend J gets better, and she's lucky to have you there for her. And what are odds but something to beat?

your little sister.. im so sorry to hear that! My little brother is starting to play around with his food and i feel so terribly guilty that he has picked up some of my habits like checking calories and not buying dinner :(

oh man, I can imagine... it's so hard to hide so-called "habits" from those that look to you as a role model... I hope your brother loses those "habits" before too long