I Must Give Off Bad Vibes. Help Me

This has been a bummer couple of weeks. /: One day after my birthday I had a life changing experience - my first surgery. Since I have stopped drinking, ate more healthy and (I thought) made a new friend but it hasn't been easy quitting the booze. Turns out this kid, about 4 years younger than me who I went to parties with, hunting, soccer, movies, burgers you name it thought I was a douche the whole time! Why didn't he say anything? He tried to fight me tonight because of a food dispute, apparently I ate too much and didn't realize someone else was on their way and there wasn't enough for him. Am I autistic...... how did I not pick up his "hints" and i'll never forgive him for the things he said to me when he was trying to get me to fight him and me wearing a cast.
hunkofclay hunkofclay
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Specifically the things he said were that girls laugh about me behind my back and that i think i know everything, Ignorant and cocky, have an answer to everything