Bad Credit

I know someone that has been having a really hard time the last few years...Got hurt at work making a decent pay on a job that he was not able to return back to....He took another job with a pay cut of about $10 an hour....he had no choice in the matter...SInce then he got behind on his charge cards and has not been able to pay his house taxes...He owes nothing on his home just taxes...He has tried to get a home equity loan to clean up his debt but of course no bank will give him one...Any idea of what he can do next...I researched on the web bad credit loans but just wonder if they are all a scam...He knows he is going to be paying up the *** on interest but it will be worth it to keep his home...Help if you can please...Im very worried about him...

girlswannahavefun08 girlswannahavefun08
41-45, F
Feb 12, 2009