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My Mum

I lost my mother in 1984, due to breast cancer. When she told us, she had it in 1974, it was hard to take and we thought we would loose her soon. Now I have found out, that one of my other relatives has it and she has been going on for about 10 years. I keep praying, that someday, there will be a cure and in a way, I feel that there is one out there, we just have not found it.
silentviper69 silentviper69 61-65, M 2 Responses Feb 7, 2012

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My mother died of breast cancer about 10,years ago she had it for about 15 years, they just wait for it to connect something to cut it out but it was to late.

I lost my wife last may to breast cancer. It spread to the rest of her body. It got into her brain in the end. I was hoping that something could be done to maker better.<br />
One day it will come.