I Knew He Could Have It, And I Fell In Love With Him Anyway

I met a man who makes my heart feel complete. He's funny and handsome and kind. He was told today that he has lung cancer. He's never smoked a day in his life, I'm the smoker... it couldn't be less fair. I don't smoke around him, he's hardly ever around smoke. He's 25 years old. He's amazing and I'm so in love with him. He has to face this, but I don't. But I will. They caught it early enough that he should respond well to treatment and be okay in time, but even if the worst happens.. I'd rather have one year with him than a lifetime with anyone else.
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You are very brave! Hope he is better now :)

Thank you :) I know he's got a tough road ahead of him, I could never desert someone I love so dearly over something like this. He told me that even some of his friends he's known most of his life are starting to distance themselves because they don't want to deal with it, but between myself and his father he's gonna have all the love and support he can stand. I wish people would realize that 1. you can't freakin catch it and 2. you're throwing away precious moments with someone who needs you. We're all praying that he makes it through. Its always the people who spend their lives making others smile who suffer the worst isn't it? He's a stand up comic who gets his joy from seeing others smile, and he's amazing at what he does. I hope I can do for him what he does for so many.