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My Grandma Is A Survivor

my grandma had cancer and kept it from everyone. i found out today that she just got out of surgry and that she is doing very well.... hearing all this news at once i really didnt know how to feel. they got the cancer out and it didnt spread after the removal. she didnt even have to go thro key-mo... after i heard i had to see her... shes is doing fine. she is healing from the cut. i love my grandma very much and its hard to even imagine my grandma had it. i need help... im glad she made it through it... alot of peoples story of cancer isnt as fortunate as my grandma, but the thought of losing her has really crippled me. im supposed to leave for college tomarrow and im scared scared to leave and to come back and she wont be there. i love her so much, shes the only one who understands me... this really gave me a reality check about how much time you really have someone...
....cancer... i keep saying that over and over in my head and thats such a scary word and now has meaning to me. i kno i should be happy she made it which i am... just the thougth of losing her even a possiblility scares the crap out of me... i need somoene to talk to...
vann1991 vann1991 18-21 Jan 9, 2012

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