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My grandfather was told that he had leukemia a couple of years ago.  My grandma was harder hit than he was by it.  My grandpa was very accepting of the diagnosis and has since told me that he's had a very full life and wasn't completely devestated by the news.  It's nice to see him like that, especially in a family of people who are worrying about it as if that will control it or make it go away.  He had a bit of trouble with the first medication he went on, but has since found a medication that is managing it well and helps him feel good.  He's already had a short struggle with prostate cancer and has had a heart attack, and I feel bad that he has to go through another illness like that.  I'm just glad to see that the current medication managing the leukemia has so far left him well and can only hope and pray that he doesn't have any major problems or pain with it.

I also knew two girls in high school that had cancer; one had an intestinal cancer and one had non-Hodgekins lymphoma.  At such a young age, it must have been terrible to go through that.  I have seen one around since high school, and she looks well and I hope she feels well also.

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Hi My Granddad has a type of Cancer that will not kill him he will die with it not because of it but he is 96 although he is deaf and nearly blind but still recognises all this Grandchildren. He still has Grandma although for how much longer we do not know as she has Kidney and Heart problems. They have been married 72 years.

Hi, do you have experience with this?

because I don’t have money for chemotherapy , and Surgery