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My husband, 37 years old, was diagnosed with ewing's sarcoma, which is more commonly a children's cancer, 8 months ago. I haven't been able to talk to anyone with similar stories bc its a rare cancer, especially in men his age. His happens to be in his lung and lymph node. The one in the lymph node was removed and biopsied. The tumor in his lung was 7 cm and they didn't want to remove his whole lung at first and after 5 months of chemo, there was just a tiny little bit of shrinkage. The doctor's wanted to wait to see if it would shrink more before surgery, so they kept on with the chemo. During the last 2 months he has started hurting in his side and neck, so when he showed up at the hospital the other day for his 6 day stay for chemo, they did another scan before they started and it was not good news. His tumor has grown so much that it has starting growing outside of his lung and has grown into his ribs, breaking a couple of them. The hospital is sending him home today after his transfunsion and said that they'll start radiation combined with chemo next week. The cancer center here where we live are great people but they all have admitted that they have never dealt with this type of cancer before and they need to consult with other specialists to figure the exact treatment he will receive. We are terrified at this point, we have five small children and can't afford the best...and I'm just wanting to see if there is anyone out there that may have a similar story or someone that can add a little more to what research I have already done on this subject.
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hi there.. im terribly sorry to hear this has happened to your husband. A little over a week ago my friend (female) has told me that she has cancer (sarcoma) she told me the doctors said it was quite rare and hers is serious. It has come such a shock to me it was so unexpected. She was complaing of her back for months and she hated going doctors. I told her to get it checked out and thats when she was told after 3 scans. Its a huge tumor that has filled half of her ribcage and was pushing out that is was clearly visable from her back. Now me her family and friends are all devistated but she is still strong ironically and is the one comforting us. The doctors have not told us the stage or how advanced it is. she must wait 2 weeks for results. I have spend the last week researching about this thing and have spent sleepless nights. Its crazy how a friendship can change in just one week. she keeps talking telling how i've been such a good friend to her,someone who i have known all my life and now she is talking like she will be gone. she is telling me to concentrate on my exams at the moments and i dont frankly care. All i want is for her to be okay and beat this thing. :(