Fight Cancer

SUGAR is a fuel for cancer- cut out all sugar. Don't shower with chlorinated water or water that has flouride in it-A cancer specialist said he would never even wash in water that had either! Take tumeric pills every day. they kill cancer germs- look into raw foods and juicing with organic veggies and fruits ONLY. Eat no pesticides, preservatives or artificial sweeteners- all have been shown to cause cancer. Did you know raw sewerage is used on non organic veggies? The pesticides used are a chemically modified agent orange and nerve gas!!!! Watch food inc. and other documentaries on big Agri and what they are doing to our food and water. I can't stress enough- only eat organic everything. drink spring water. eat a lot of raw foods. cook from scratch. if it comes from a box it's bad for you. Read eat right for your blood type- i know a lady who was sent home with inoperable stomche cancer- they gave her 2 months to live- she had lil kids, wanted to live so she tried the diet in the book- 2 months later her cancer was comepletely gone!!! she is cancer free 6 years later- it takes strict adherence to the diet- but it's worth it and you do get used to it after a month. Meditation has been shown to help too- at least 15 min a day visualize a white light enveloping you and healing you. - a scientiste actually measured harmones and cortizol levels tec b4 and after and after 15 min of meditation the cells actually improve and the bad inflamatory response indicators go down too.
Frazzill Frazzill
46-50, F
Oct 11, 2012