She Happened To Be My Mother's Close Friend!

she has got cancer of liver.intestine...on last stages where chemotherapy is not showing much effect on her.recently they celebrated her birthday so grand by her son and daughter.her husband was killed due to political issues as he was in the constituency working..jealousy issues caused his death.
she may die any time this year! she is a very kind hearted person and God fearing too!...she is collegue of my mom from the place of working in school as a teacher,where groupism was going on at a very high rate!...people who would try to pull her down contantly and rag her are feeling guilty now, for yesterday, she visited her school surprisingly....feel very pity for mom is taking so much stress that her friend will be no more in quick of sec of time! can i console my mom as she is already heavy burdened with the tensions at home! i cant see my mom like nor her friend like that! GOD please help us!
honeyswizgal honeyswizgal
18-21, F
Nov 8, 2012