My Story - Mam Has Cancer. End Of The World??

i dont really know what to say, neither do i know where too start with my story. it isnt exactly a story as there is not yet a ending however, here goes… on august 10th 2010 my mother sat me down with my brother and explained she had breast cancer. when someone says the word cancer, you automatically think death. yes this was a big shock yet i was expecting it. its weird, a few weeks before, i had mentioned something to my friend about my mam becoming ill with breast cancer but we just let it go over our heads. anyway she told us and we cried together, people reassured me and said everything is going too be okay but was it? was it really going to be ok?
from that day, my life has never been the same… i arent looking for sympathy because i hate that i just decided to get my feelings out after keeping them bottled up for 2 years. My mam went through radio therapy after she had her mastectomy and i remember seeing her in the hospital for the first time; she had no energy to talk or even open her eyes. my friends kept me strong however because i was down a lot of time, i pushed them away and took my mood out on them, especially my bestfriend. my school work dropped; it seemed pointless. i spent time off school; i didnt care anymore. i then stopped bothering with my mam, we grown apart and i found it hard to talk to her.. weve had a few scares over the past two years and its being a tough time. our family just broke and was torn apart all because of the Cancer. She has her good days and her bad days but I don't know whether to be positive about this situation or negative. I don't know if this nightmare is going to end or continuously carry on. my mam means the world to me and i dont want to lose her, i need her :( what do i do?

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Pray always and ask help from god

I am sorry about your mom be. Strong and brave and pray to god and. Have faith ask god to help you okay if you need to talk I am here girl I feel your pain.

sorry jadababy57 i have only just seen this, thank you so so much. and you too x

My mother had to run into breast cancer as well.....but my first reaction was.....: "Ok... now what happens then?" She had to go through chemo and the whole radiation therapy thing, even lost her hair which was pretty tough on her. Yet I never for a second had a doubt she'd pull through, and she did. I don't know why actually, I just never gave in to that, and neither did she, it felt like that would be surrender and game over. There's just no room for that attitude in war....that's what is was really....fighting yourself and learning to trust yourself all over again.... at least that's what she told me.<br />
<br />
And about your question what do you do? Just be yourself and be there when you're needed, have the strength and courage to believe in the best outcome because that's the only thing worth going for. Aim for the best and make the best of your time together regardless of outcome, you both deserve that. Do a little extra now and again because she can probably use it, just to take the edge off of the bad days :)

Wow thank you so so so much, i cant thank you enough! all the best to your mam, i hope for the best, you're so very brave! thank you for sharing that with me it must take a lot of courage because if your anything like me, i find it hard to talk. i will try my best, thank you so much! i am very grateful :)

I'm just glad some good things could come from it :)
Have a nice X-MAS!

oh dear.sorry for your mom. my mom had stomach cancer .devastating .your mother is the same humanbeing.she did not ask to have this. why did the cancer drift everybody aprt.that is not right. it is a time to very close. you will regret it .

I wouldn't say that...if anything it helped me understand my mother for who she is a little better.....very strong-willed. And she got to understand me better for letting go of the details and insignifant little details in life once in a while. In effect that just helped us understand one another a little better. The best situation is just what you make of it, not how dumbshit lucky someone is because someone who is dumbshit lucky and still makes the best of it would still come out on top....

Thank you for that comment, it means a lot to me and i'll take all this into mind.

You keep your head up, be strong and supportive for your Mom AND yourself. I lost my Mom to cancer on December 7, 2010. She was a 20 year breast cancer survivor, but then she had a tumor in her liver, and it spread to her pancreas, spleen, and lungs. She only had one round of chemo. The week prior to Thanksgiving, she was doing better, so I went back home, went back to work, and kept in touch with my brothers, who stayed there in the hospital with our Mom. Then, she went from being very talkative, to nothing. She was making plans for us to go on vacation, she was setting goals for what she wanted to do as soon as she got out...and she began her dance on the streets of gold at 1:17 pm. She couldn't even talk, but she could hear us. She opened her eyes one last time. She looked at my younger brother, my older brother, then at me, smiling as she knew her journey here on earth was over. She was ready to go to Heaven. God answered our prayers, but not the ways we wanted - or expected - for that matter. He took her cancer away from her. And, as badly as we wanted her here with us, I guess in a way, you can say that we was selfish, I don't know, but it was what was best for HER and not for US. I will keep you, your Mom, and your entire family in my daily prayers.

this made me cry. bless your heart, wow you're so brave, you ANd your family. i hope you are okay, thank you for sharing your story with me it must take a lot of courage, this has helped me and i am so grateful. it means the world to me, take care. and thanks again. x

You should take pride in your strength; many as young as you, seeing the a sign of the end for our loved ones that we all face some day, would withdraw and hide. Thank you for sharing with us! -- A piece of advice I was given: enjoy every moment you can with her, but take time to prepare, legal paperwork and such. When the end comes, it comes much too swiftly.


Thank you for this! It really does mean a lot and i will do that. Really thank you so much, it has helped a a lot!

You can never put a price on your mom and never let her she is still the same mom she was before she got breast cancer and im so sorry i hope u make up soon

i know i cannot do that and i know she is the same woman, however she feels like two different people now :( thank you so much, that means a lot! i'll try too fix our broken relationship, thank you

Be supportive. Your mom is the same person she always was. She's just as scared as you are about dying. My dad was diagnosed 6 years ago and given 3 months to live. Then 6 months. Then 1 year. After 3 years, they just stopped guessing a timeline. I imagine what it would be like to be in his shoes, always wondering, always fearing. He doesn't talk about it with us. I think he mostly wants to enjoy his time left and not constantly rehash the status of his disease. I can't blame him; I wouldn't either. So we just talk about normal life and live our lives as if its all peachy. It's not denial since we're all well aware. It's just acceptance of the things we can and cannot change. I don't know the details of your relationship with your mom, but I would encourage you to try and see the situation through her eyes. That sort of understanding goes a long way. Best of luck.

i woke up this morning to read this comment and you wouldn't believe how much it has helped me. so thank you for that! i am so so sorry to hear about your dad and i really do wish all the best for your family, stay strong. you're so brave! once again, thank you! best of luck.

You are your mother's beating heart! stay strong!

No one really knows if this will end badly for you mom or if she will make a recovery, but you will survive, and she needs you during these years. If anything, try to regrow that bond you had with her, and always "try" to stay positive no matter what if you want to feel sane. I've been in your situation at a young age as well.

thank you very much, i'll try too! i'm not a positive person however my best friend is so she see's me through the hard times. i'm sorry to hear you've been in my situation, i hope everything is ok now. once again, thank you! it means a lot.

strong strong girl

coming from you huh, don't think so :(

I love you jade

i love you sugaplum xx



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