My Friend Has Cancer

My friend has had cancer since 2007. He has been through 24 surgery's and going for another soon. Last summer he had his second round of chemo and radiation and lost his hair. He sent me a picture after shaving what was left. I joined him and shaved my head and returned the favor by sending a similar picture. He is my hero as his attitude is awesome.
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

I have been in many with my family. It's never easy. I admire people who can be strong, but can also understand why some cant. He sounds like an amazing person. Einstein sounds like a fun look, by the way. :)

Ha! right fun like a carnival, I plan to cut it back to normal this month....doesn't it seem like there is more cancer than when we were kids? Particularly prostate and breast cancer...its just crazy.

It does seem that way sometimes.

You are a good friend.

Yea rite but I am moved and encouraged by his courage. I asked him once if he could choose any path what would it be and he said exactly what has happened. I asked why, and he said his illness has brought his family together more than it ever was before. I was blown away. You in a family or close friend cancer relationship? BTW I have not cut my hair since I shaved it in June and I now look like Einstein, sort of.