Have Faith, Be Strong, Cause Miracles Do Happen.

working in a cancer unit was one of the hardest thing for me not in a way that it was hard cause of so much workload but it's how to deal with patients that is terminally-ill. its really heart breaking but you cannot show them that you are affected too cause they gather their strength from you also but i'm only just a human, i can feel what others has to feel too. i remembered one relative of my patient who is also a nurse too. she said that you will just realized that you are meant in your profession if there's one patient's situation that could open your heart and made you realized that you did a good job. I guessed she's right. being a nurse is really a hard profession. you have to deal with doctors, loads of paper works, dividing your time with family and work, over demanding patients as well as their relatives and sometimes don't have a damn to appreciate what you are doing.In everyday that i'm going to work i always pray to God to give me strength as well as my patients to give them more time with their families and loved-ones,seeing them only smile and a touch in my hand makes me feel overwhelmed, for those patients that i have cared and were not here on earth anymore i know in God's place you're all at peace now and thank you for making me realized that i am really a passionate nurse with a good heart.
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Thanks for your kind reply. Most nurses get angry at me when I talk about natural cures. I personally believe that nurses know more about health than doctors. But please look up Dr. Leonard Coldwell on YouTube :)

okay i'll check on that. actually there's no problem with me regarding alternative/ natural medicine cause in old ages we started curing ourselves with natural remedies. and i worked before in an alternative clinic and i believed that with numerous session of therapy a disease process can be curable.=)

Don't worry! Please look up a doctor on YouTube named Dr. Leonard Coldwell. He has cured over 35,000 cancer patients naturally. He has many videos and he will give you free information on how easy it is to cure cancer and why the drug companies are hiding these cures. Just look him up. He has saved thousands of lives. Cancer is easily curable.

hi stephen100, my patients that i took care were already died. but anyways thank you. yeah cancer is curable but still it depends on the extent of the cancer cells, as well as the financial capabilities of patients. I'M glad that the hospital that i worked with was providing the needs of the patients without spending money.