Living With Someone With Cancer

CANCER... what an evil and cruel disease! My father has been living with me for two years battling Multiple Myelomia and skin cancer and heart disease. Now I have found out that my best friend of 20 years has rectal cancer. I can't take this Cancer thing anymore! Dad talks about it constantly. On and on he goes. The pain he has, the helplessness he has. I feel for him but it's slowly killing me. He just had a checkup and was told he is in remission but refuses to accept it so off to a new doctor we must go. I have no other choice. Is their anyone out there that can relate to me?

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My dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myelomia in 1984 and passed in 1985. I hope that the research and treatment has improved over the years. He was 61 and I miss him each and every day and always will.<br />
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I can relate to your pain and feelings about cancer...<br />
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My grandson was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcome ... when he was 3 1/2 years old.<br />
Now he is 11 1/2. He had two operations to remove the growths ...for which there is no cure except to eliminate the cancer surgically. Chemo and radiation does not affect his rare cancer.<br />
He has follow up visits at Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in NYC ... we keep praying that he will stay free of any more growths .. but ... we don't know. He also has tourettes and ADD... which add to his medical conditions. Above all he has a great sense of Faith .. and is seemingly older than his age ... because of the damn cancer<br />
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... I never capitalize cancer .. I don't give it that honor ... after my grandson got cancer ... I write the word cancer, without a capital "C" ... well that makes me feel better in a small way.<br />
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This disease affects the caretakers as much as the cancer patient. <br />
I wish you strength and praying for you and your dad and now, your friend.

i can relate to you. I really cannot help my father either. Hes in constant pain. I wish cancer never existed.