Living With Someone With Cancer

CANCER... what an evil and cruel disease! My father has been living with me for two years battling Multiple Myelomia and skin cancer and heart disease. Now I have found out that my best friend of 20 years has rectal cancer. I can't take this Cancer thing anymore! Dad talks about it constantly. On and on he goes. The pain he has, the helplessness he has. I feel for him but it's slowly killing me. He just had a checkup and was told he is in remission but refuses to accept it so off to a new doctor we must go. I have no other choice. Is their anyone out there that can relate to me?

buddygirl buddygirl
51-55, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

hi there buddygirl me his adult baby 247 and me has lost 4 of my famley with cancer with in 4years there his only me left you can chat with me if you would like to friend baby michael