I Am An Individual With Charge Syndrome

I am an individual with Charge Syndrome. I'm not like most; I "should" be severely mentally challenged. (I have a college degree.) I "should" be blind. (My favorite hobby is visiting art galleries.) I "should" be deaf. (I listen to music constantly.)


I'm not saying that I don't have my challenges. I do have some minor learning disabilities. My vision's not the best. And although I'm not deaf, my hearing's pretty bad. I also had to have a lot of operations as a child. But with the help of supportive family, friends and educators, I've managed to transition from a baby with the hospital as a second home to a confident young woman who usually forgets she even has a "Syndrome."


As I read through sites like this, I see so many parents and other relatives worried. I never see anyone like me saying "there is hope."

So, this is me saying - there is hope.

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I was just recently diagnosed! THANKS!!!!

Thank you so much for this. My little brother is 12 and he has CHARGE, he is just starting to question his future, so seeing this has helped me to see that he can carry on with life and go to university as he has planned.

I never heard of it. What is the Medical Name for it? Does it hurt? Is it inherited? What is it?