My 'aunt'

My mum's best friend was diagnosed with emphysema about four years ago, (I've known her since I was three years old and consider her an aunt). It was awful.

I remember my mum answering the phone and being told my Aunt was in hospital - her lung had collapsed.

She must've stayed in the hospital for at least four months - the details are a bit hazy, I was only about 14.

I'm told she died twice whilst there and had to be resuscitated. She had a 'drain' fitted to re-inflate her lung. Something went wrong; I think they put it in backwards so basically it started to inflate her. Her skin was filled with air and if you touched it it crackled. The nearest thing I can compare it to is bubble wrap, and it sounded like when you crush an empty crisp packet. It took months for that to stop.

She wasn't diagnosed with emphysema straight away, I think it took about a year (again, I'm not sure).

She has since had an extension built for her house, with a downstairs bedroom and toilet because as her emphysema progresses she'll find it increasingly hard to do normal everyday things like walk up and down stairs.

A year after this she became pregnant and now has a beautiful baby boy - he's almost two.

I admire my Aunt and her courage, she's so strong and brave. I just hope she isn't taken away too soon.

SaharaOdeil SaharaOdeil
22-25, F
Feb 27, 2009