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my aunt and uncle. my old aunt died, she had aids and gave it to my uncle actually. then she had a kid, her and the chid died when it was still a baby.

my uncle remarried my current aunt. she has aids too. her kids do also i think. she used to be with someone else. i did a report on him in school. he takes over 20 pills a day, or more than once a day i dont really know. it sucks though. he was an alcoholic also but he's not anymore. i love him. hes so nice and cool and awesome he's a real likable guy.

ill help support aids charities and stuff, but i dont really see the point.

you pay money to stop aids? its carried through unprotected sex, how just give condoms to people with aids and then have aids stop spreading. its not as if paying 5$ is going to just take away some peoples AiDs or anything. i mean it could pay for research. but why reasearch for a cure, why dont we just contain the disease. stop having unprotected sex now. and forever. pretty soon aids and hiv will die out, and there wont be anyone infected left.


to tell you the truth i see much more point in giving my money to pay for food for children. at least we already know how to fix thier problem and can get them rice and such. blahh.

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Iam so very sorry to read your story I have to say, you certainly are entitled to your opinion, YOU ARE RIGHT about prevention! How about "What if?"............ <br />
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I think I understand what you are saying as well......... Now I obviously do not know the family personally....... So I am going to make a general comparison to life's oddities. The way I view this............ NO comparison I could make is exact. However Iam trying to share a more mellow understanding of the situation...............<br />
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Well- In a way it is like a car accident. No-one plans on getting into an accident (aside from the movies or shows like "Jack ***".......) no-one really wants to get into an accident. For example who really wants to crash at a stop and go light/controlled intersections. That happens every hour all over the country. Certainly MORE than once an hour, I do not have those stats. What are the COMMON causes: Inattentive driving, trying to "make the green light" or simply speeding are the main causes of the accident (Iam excluding mechanical issues and bad or very bad road conditions- especially when one cannot just stay at home or cannot "set put" and they have to hit the road.........snow- ice etc.....). Those simple examples of why do controlled intersections accidents occur- are primarily personal choices and to a large degree often a function of personal judgment. None the less, logically, one would think those accidents could all be avoided- again except for issues beyond ones control. Know what I mean?? Iam really NOT trying to be difficult nor oversimplify the problem, People take classes and there is driver's ed that is often been taken by kids in schools since the 1960's and I think the 1950's in some areas of the Country for sure. Well in part of the Chicago Metro Area, which Iam more familiar with- those classes started long, long ago. Most people drive safely....... However there are still lots of car accidents as I described. Iam truly NOT defending anyone's right to IGNORE the risk of AIDS. Iam trying to suggest sometimes the most obvious things happen and they do not make sense to others. Yes some of those choices fall into the "I should have had a V-8" or just simply dumb choices often done repeatedly. I have never had AIDS, I knew people who knew people who had AIDS. Regardless, as we all do Iam sure, we all wish that disease could be eliminated. As I recall that was the concept with Tuberculosis and unfortunately it was reduced in frequency, however NOT erased.......... Here are two bits of info on T.B, the disease Iam discussing...... The UN and the CDC both are pushing programs to eliminate T.B. That is ALSO a great idea! They have done so for years........... Yet T.B. is still around......... Overall, one-third of the world's population is currently infected with the TB bacillus. Often it is simply dormant........ <br />
5-10% of people who are infected with TB bacilli (but who are not infected with HIV) become sick or infectious at some time during their life. People with HIV and TB infection are much more likely to develop TB. About 35% of all cases Worldwide are in S.E. Asia....... So knowing that should help right prevention classes, restricted movements and medical treatment? Those ideas are to help and NOT give a mental stigma to anyone having T.B.. Much money, energy, volunteer programs and attention has been directed at T.B. Yet still T.B. persists..........<br />
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The idea of keeping people alive, who are notably suffering & have NO hope of their being saved, I think is a valid argument. IF THEY DO NOT WISH to endure the suffering- can you really blame them? Kind of the old Dr, Kevorkian (from Michigan) argument- which I do think has merit to it. However if one wishes to stay physically on this planet, even with all their suffering, that is MUCH tougher to discuss & simply judge. I hope this comment helps take away some of the pain............ I have written enough. (No time to proof this, sorry for all the bad grammar and spelling errors!)

i wasnt saying that someones life is a waste because they have aids, no ones life is a waste. but i think that in life- we try to hold onto people forever. and no one ever wants to see someone die. but that is life, people will always be dieing alone, fathers die, children die. and i was meaning to say that prevention is a better cure for a disease than trying to fix it with medication. because you cannot cure somethings. you just cant. <br />
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people should not shoot up and share needles, or have unprotected sex, or give birth to children who will be born with the disease.<br />
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money should go towards making better condoms and educating youth about unprotected sex and creating more accurate blood screenings and making cleaner hospitals. it is hard to fix things once they are broken, very very hard. <br />
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i think it is very rude of you to take what i wrote in such a bad way. it is my opinion, and I will always help my uncle and aunt and cousins and anyone else with the illness and i will not have them die in the hospital alone.<br />
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i just think that there are better ways to help than putting 5 bucks in a bucket.

Well i too know a couple of people ,who contracted the disease through a blood transfusion before current screening procedures were done, one has full blown aids because none of the current cocktails of drugs has worked,the other her husband {my brother} they have.I am very grateful for the money spent!! I have watched people in the hospital die alone , it's something noone she ever have to experience and thanks to the organizations people are becoming educated about HIV/AIDS some people {not you} ! To say that someones life is a waste is one of cruelist things i have heard and believe me people say alot when it comes to this topic fortunately my brother , my sister in-law and their children {all healthy] they have all of us in their corner not people like you.