Husband Living With Liver Cancer

My husband was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in May of 2011 and also has Cirrhosis. His Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Mn. say there is no treatment for him and a Liver Transplant is the only option. He is on the Active list but has been waiting for a few months now and is getting discouraged. He goes there every two to three months and has CT Scans and a MRI and things haven't changed much he has one bigger tumor and some smaller ones. His health has been good and my biggest worry is when that is going to change if he does not get this Transplant soon. If anyone has a similar story, please write to me and let me know what to expect, I know every individual is different but I would like to know other peoples stories so I can know what I might be looking for in the future. Thank you for reading my story.
ha1868 ha1868
56-60, F
May 21, 2012