My Son The Recovering Alcoholic

My son Doug was turning out just like his father and drinking daily and I knew something was going to happen to him eventually. He saw his father go down hill and get cirrohsis and then liver cancer but it did not stop him from drinking everyday.
His father quit drinking as soon as he got sick and has been sober for 4 yrs now and you would of thought that Doug would of realized this same thing could happen to him.
Myself and others were noticing physical changes in Doug, he was getting so bloated in the stomach and his eyes were turning yellow but he would not listen to me that he should go to a doctor to get checked out.
Then our good friend Gary came to our house and he had not seen Doug in along time and he laid it on him that he better get to a clinic ASAP. Doug finally listened to someone and scheduled an appointment for the next day. He never made it to that appointment, that night he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and ended up spending a week there and went through numerous testing and the outcome was cirrohsis of the liver at 35 yrs old.
He quit drinking but still was in and out of the hospital to get the fluid pumped out of his stomach. Since then he has been seen by his dad's doctors at the mayo clinic and is doing quite well, they have got him stabilized now. I thank god everyday I got my son back.
ha1868 ha1868
56-60, F
May 22, 2012