I've Got A Few And Then Some

I've got several keyrings . One set for daily life with a cool little detachment so that I can leave 'em in the ignition and lock my doors while I go into a store . I have a set to the fire stations for the volunteer service I'm on and the community buildings for the private community where I work as part-time security in the winter . Also , a set for the padlocks around the house . And as well as all those , A jailer's ring full of spares , extras , tractor keys , and miscellaneous keys that I don't even need anymore .
The coolest set of "keys" I have is the lockpick set from when I was an apprentice locksmith . I learned a bunch about keys on that job and love to look at people's keys just to see what kind of access they have .
In all though , the purpose of a lock is only to keep an honest person honest because if a person really wants in , they will go around that lock and get in anyhow .
WisestFool WisestFool
41-45, M
Sep 4, 2012