Take Your Best Shot!

I am not here to ask for pity or woe is me thingy. I am here to tell you how blessed i am! Yup, through it all, since my childhood, all the hell, the pain i have felt.
I once thought this Universe "owed" me ....something. But it has paid it debt by ALWAYS turning things around for me. Like... it's magical. *smile*
Grandma told me once that "it's the devil on your heels girl, you would be a prize for him."  ...lucky me!... he is still chasing me too. But at least he has not caught me. *smile*

.... I just backspaced the list of pains i have went through.... Nope.... Trust me, you don't want to hear it. Nor do i. .....

I just want to say that through all the pain and suffering, i am ....alright. I am not a *****, drug user, i am a clean soul. I have no hate or guilt or self-pity. I have fought my demons and won! I still love and have compassion for all. I know how to put my feet in others shoes, so when i say... i relate, i honestly do!

I realize i am stronger than some. I realize just because i can ...live and let die.... everyone is not or can't. I have "worked" on my heart, mind and soul so it wouldn't carry all the woes around for the rest of my life, which can destroy a person. We all carry our own crosses.

Here is a quote from Eastern Wisdom teachings.....

One who lives life with passion is like a brightly burning fire. A small, dim fire can easily be extinguished by gusts of wind, but a large, bright one will grow stronger. In the same way, the more obstacles a passionate person encounters, the brighter and stronger that person grows.

So, if any read this.... you can win the battle with your demons, just let go! Every human being on this Earth has suffered in one way or another.
I pray for the strength it takes for you to kick butt in life and to be happy, at peace.

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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

thanks...ur words really inspired me :)

Hello! Thanks, i hope you give life one heck of a mighty fine fight. Nothing has ever been easy for me...i figure the same for most. So, i wish you peace and strength. :~) Take care!

:)<br />
i feel the same