Physically, Emotionally And Mentally

It can be life's way of letting you know that you are still alive; yet can also be overwhelming and draining, then leave us feeling relieved, hopeful and appreciative once we are free of it - often times feeling refreshed, ready to surge forward through life again, only this time with a new perspective of experience able to help others with their fears, their pain and view of tomorrow.

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Thank you!

This is a wonderful post, so very true! I have learned alot about pain in my short life so far...i always kind of hope maybe i've learned all i need to know about serious hurt, pain and heartache.

Nice to see someone else who views pain as a positive thing. I've gotten my share of odd looks for saying I'm grateful for the hurting-times...but you're right. Pain makes the good times even sweeter.

Thank you I appreciate your coments.

Great story

Thank you!

You certainly have a very creative way of articulating words. Something I envy! Great descrition. :-)

Thank you for your kind words and insight. <br />
There will be brief moments within our lives and for those we love when Hope, Forgiveness - (of ourselves as well as others), the desire to pursivear and when needed to fight for what we need / deserve, and / or to patiently seek an await understanding during times of caos, confusion, confict, stress or pain. It also helps to know when to walk away, to treat ourselves with kindness and to love others when compassion seems out of reach for them, even when we feel empty.<br />
I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but can plan for who I want to be :)

Your words are simple yet so powerful. If only more of us can see life from this point of view, things will be much more acceptable. I wouldn't say easy, but we can always see and appreciate a little light in every darkness, which will lead us to the next phase.... Thanks for sharing.

You have said it so well, there is so much wisdom in your words. Thank you for sharing this, so often I read the stories by the very young and they feel they can't live through another round of heartache. I hope they read this and understand it is possible to learn from the hurt and pain of life and push forward. Tomorrow is a new day.....

Thank you!

Very true...<br />
<br />
We take so many things for granted..