How Long Will Their Marriage Last...

these people are really only acquaintances. i met them through my boyfreind. the guy is a pig. he's getting married in 3 weeks and for the year that i've known him, he's never been faithful to her. i don't know why i should care. i've only talked to his fiance a couple times, but i guess i just don't like a woman being taken advantage of like that, seeing as how i know what it's like for everyone to know except you (the wife). they also just had a baby 2 months ago. i know the marriage won't last and i feel sorry for the baby. i want him to get caught so bad and get what he deserves. my boyfreind is going to his stag next weekend, and he told me that he's got a couple "chicks" lined up to meet him later for his ummm errr "last hurrah" (yukkkkk) she thinks she's the love of his life. wow!! i won't ever say anything to her... but i just don't understand why some men get married when they'r clearly not into monogamy
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Something I don't understand and never will either ... I'm not sure I could be as disciplined as you ... I might well tell the woman just so the child didn't have to live through such a horrid existence in a loveless marriage, go through a divorce and learn to become an adulterer as well ... like we need any more of those in this world!