Maybe Its Because I Don't Know Love..

It all begins with this incredible lovely feeling. My ex and i were very much in love, it was love at first sight. We had everything in common, we laugh and did stupid stuff like many couples. She wrote poems and i sang, and drew art for her.It was perfect.We joked even one day about how to get an argument started, to get mad at each other; because we never disagreed. We failed and laugh. I guess it was because we were both still young. What gets to me the most is that we made plans. Serious and detailed plans for the future. Like foolish in love,she always said i was the one, that she would die without me and that i was the only reason she smile...
But the day came when she broke up with me because she thought i deserved better..(this lead to consequences)
after her parents saw her crying, they forbid me to ever come close to her. Even so i did, she realized she made a mistake but because of her parents we couldn't be....she started to get depressed and constantly told me to move on..
I told her that waiting wasn't a problem..i would wait for her.
The problem came one day when she said she found someone else and pretty much told me she didnt want anything with me.
Broke my heart but i respected her decision..weeks later she texted me said wazzup and all that. (didnt reply to anything and just said ok)
Weeks passed and she called me at work and i picked up. stupid choice
she was crying telling me that she was scared that she was falling in love with his new bf and didnt know what to do.....why did she called me? wasnt it enough to break my heart?
Still..i controlled myself and gave her advice.
Weeks later she called me again..crying saying that he broke up with her and he thought she wasnt that pretty blah blah
I got pissed off but still tried to cheer her up. Did succeed to make her smile. She felt better and thanked me.
We didnt talk for a month, thats when she called me at work and asked how was i doing..
She told me she loved me...(i didnt know what to say)
i asked if she has a bf, she said yes and i told her that she obviously doesnt love me..
of course she cursed me out.
HONESTLY IDK what to do. I do still love her and its been months. I am trying to move on,get something done and trying to move away from where i live; and joining the navy, but that is taking a slow pace in time. For example. day to the asvab (urgent call to work and didnt took it) second day to take the test (the dude that was administrating the test didnt appear because he was in a car wreck)..
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I guess your right, thanks

What's meant to be will find it's way... Explore the world for a while in the navy; if you two are meant to be, you two will survive....