The Strippers I've Known...

[An aside: I do not use the work moral because of its heavy association with sectarian concepts. I prefer to discuss someone's ethics.]

have all been more ethical, responsible and often smarter than the majority of the population. When I was in school, a couple of my friends and I would occasionally hang out with two girls from a neighboring university. They both ******** at an upscale club that was popular with the political, lobbiest and diplomatic crowds. The problem we had with them was that, far from being the coke-vacuum ***** of popular fantasy, they were both usually unwilling to party hard and late. IIRC, one was a Math/Finance type and the other was pre-Med. Last I know they both were at good grad schools.

Then there was the one I dated for a while. She was un-*******-believably gorgeous, a bookkeeper by day and "featured dancer" on fridays and saturdays. She was also an excellent, responsible, loving mother of two kids. And, that was the problem. She wanted and deserved someone interested in being a parent, which I was not.

Even the Mexican undocumented mother-daughter team dancers that I met at some rathole outside of El Paso were, in the limits of my experience, very ethical *****. When they found out what I did, installing IP/IPX networks, what they wanted from me was help getting the girl online like the rich white kids. Fortunately, I was able to help them out and they were wonderful in return. ;)

All in all, I cannot recall ever meeting a ******** that I personally disliked or distrusted. I'm sure that there are nasty, evil ******* in that profession as in all others. Personally I would be far quicker to trust a ******** with my secrets, my money or my well being than a banker, lawyer or realtor.
LordCuntMaster LordCuntMaster
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Jan 9, 2013