So one night, long ago, way too many ppl and way to much tequila. Was it a dare... a bet... oh crap not even sure I remember how it started.  Decided I wanted to pierce... my boob. Now the obvious place would be the nipple, or so you'd think. Yeah well too may ppl egging you on will make you do things before thinking. So i take an earing... hoop actually, not even w/ a needle. Oh we did sterilize it... with the tequila. :) Yeah, so take a pinch of the inside of my boob.. a little higher and on the side. Now before I go any farther here's the logic behind it. I wanted to pierce both sides, each boob, and "chain" them together w/ a cute little piece of jewelry. Yeah sounds stupid when you're sober but at the time "WOW... HOW F^cking cool".

So take that skin, pinch it slightly, and poke this damn hoop through. Blood... a little, Pain... think so... did the other one to match... NO! Why, not sure. Fun was over, thrill had gone. Kept in in for a while... let it get all better and then, one night, at the club, dancing and still hazy on the details but let's just say it was snagged in my bustier. OUCH!!!!

So when you see my lovely little scar on the left inside boob... now you know.

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oh the problems that arise from liquid courage...LOL