How Much More Can One Take?

This is officially the worst year of my life...and its only half over!!!!!

At the end of last year i told my family about the sexual abuse i endured at the hands of my brother inlaw, hoping to get some sympathy and support. Instead, my parents are urging me not to go to the police, my sister is staying with the pervert, i never see my nephews anymore (this has been hard cos i raised them) and i have been isolated from everyone. My parents are assuming ive dealt with the now so they are trying to support my sister.

As a result of my familys reaction ive been diagnosed with ptsd. I have panic attacks, am over emotional. Have nightmares, phobias, cant sleep, am eating unhealthily, andlife is hell.

My boss told me to take time off cos im not myself. So have no money.

Got married last year but am live at my in-laws house cos our house that was supposed to. Be built by march looks like it wont be done til october. We have been screwed around by the banks, the builders and evryone in between. They keep changing our place without informing us (and i mean big changes).

My husband might not have a job soon.

My ear drum perferated. First time and its bloody sore. May have to have surgery that we cant afford.

My dad, my fav person in the world, is going to die any day now. We cant afford funeral costs

Im so sick i can barely write this story.

And whats worse is i know it wobt be over anytime soon cos my family dont know i went to the police. He will be arrested sonn and then the **** will really hit the fan.

I just want something good to happen. Anything.

This year sucks
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2011

2011 sucks for me too i wish we could go back to the years 2007-08 or before that :'(

2011 is the worst year ever i wish we could all go back to the years 2007-2008 :'(

This is such a sad story. We all have issues we have to deal with, but it surely seems like you've had more than your share. May God be with you and help you.

I am sorry.