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The reason I have been teetotal for the last few months is the feeling I know I have when I come down from drukenness, I become silent and within a void for a few days after.  I hurt.

Despite fact that whilst i am drinking i am the soul of the party, I love everyone and interact with everyone, i don't get a hangover but i get a feeling of darkness.

I have been put on new meds which gave me the excuse to stop for a while when offered nights out on the town, and have continued to use that.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

i sometimes get times where im having a tough time at work or something and im feeling all stressed out, and i think to myself "i need a good drink", but sometimes when i start drinking, i feel 10 times worse, so i know the feeling of the darkness as you call it!!! alcohol is a depressant in itself!!!

good for you love =] what meds are you on now? x