It's True!

Yes, with my mother being a former drug counselor, she can kill any buzz with the hardcore facts of a substance. I use to depend on alcohol to get me through the really tough events of my life... that was my birthday and New Years Day. And the goal of those days were to get VERY drunk, to block out the pain of being alone! :-/

For me, I thought it made me happy enough to get past those days. A sort of self-medicating, because I would be the most suicidal on these days. But my mother, she kept yelling, "Alcohol is a depressant! You only THINK that you are happy, but you're not!"

Funny thing was, when I drink, I feel numb and I think I am so very happy. But we rarely see ourselves truly, when we are drunk. My mother and sister says that it's true that I giggle a lot... but every so often, I would fall into these pits of despair and pour out all of my true feelings! And then in the next second, be back to my giggly self! :-o

I don't remember this at all! So, it's pretty scary to think about. It's the reason why my mother refuse to let me have a drink on Skype, last year, so my curious pal Philip could see how silly I am when I drink. She was afraid that I might scare him, with my sudden mood of doom and gloom, and then appear creepy as my mood went back to giggly. XD

Ah, it didn't matter to me! Because now that I have two best friends, I don't feel the need to drink anymore. I actually look forward to my birthdays now! And New Years is a party for me! So, I no longer drink on these days... therefore... I no longer drink. Hmm. :-/

Though, I wouldn't mind a drink once a year. Just for the fun of it. But now, it's no longer a crutch! ;-)

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No your mom can just ask them to stop when they are hiding her stuff. She doesn't have to be doing a ritual.<br />
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I cleanse my crystals in sea salt water during the full moon. I put them in a clay bowl cover them with water and then pour salt over them. Then I leave the bowl outside under the moon. I say a prayer and ask that all negative energy be removed from them. I leave the bowl out for 24 hours.

I don't ask the spirits to leave either. Only negative energies. I use it for protection of my home and the people in it. When I saged my Grandmothers room I only asked that they do not scare her. That's all. Like I said people have passed in that room and we had a huge amounts of antiques in that room. I'm sure you know that spirit energies are sometimes connected with older ob<x>jects.<br />
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My Mom and Dad come and visit me when I meditate often. So when I sage I am not chasing the happy spirits away. They know they are welcome. I actually like them around me. I am hopeing for the day I will be open enough to see them.

If it bothers your Mother, She can do something. Next time something goes missing she should say "I acknowledge that you are here. Please leave my possessions where I left them, because it causes me a problem when I can't find them". She should ask kindly, but really mean it. They just want to be acknowledged. Let me know if that helps. <br />
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Or you could "SAGE" the house. You need to go to go to a new age store and ask for a sage for cleansing your home. You need a stone bowl or some type of fireproof bowl to burn the sage in. I use a big stone bowl that is made for grind up ingredients for cooking or pills. You know the marble bowls with the marble grinding thing. I'm not sure what they are called.<br />
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Anyway, you put a little sage in the bowl and light it. Let it go out so that it smokes. You then carry the bowl through the house or rooms and wave it into all 4 corners of each room. As you are doing this, ask all negative energies to leave. You can ask that each room be protected from negative energies at the same time. If you feel that you may have collected any negative energies, you can cleanse yourself the same way. Start at your head and wave the smoke toward yourself asking God to cleanse you of all negative energies. Work your way down your body repeating the request.<br />
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When you are done be sure to thank God &/or the divine for their help. This is very important!!!<br />
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This is pretty much the way I do it. I may change the words depending on what my intention is. There are many different ways that people may perform this cleansing ceremony. Mine may not be the perfect way. So do some research or ask others on EP how they do this.

Yeah my CD pla<x>yer will change when I don't even have it on. Kind of cool.

It all depends on how open you are to receiving your messages. Some people see them, but don't acknowledge them. I heard someone walking around down stairs a couple of weeks ago. I have several spirits in my home. They are all cool and never scare or bother anyone. I sage my home every once in awhile. I need to do it before Grandma moves in next week. A relative passed in her room. She was another grandmother on my husbands side. Both sweet ladies.

I have NO DOUBT it is my Pop. When he fly's over, I can almost hear him saying. "I love you Baby". I say 'I love you too Pop" and usually tear up.<br />
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I'm very glad that your Mom saw her doves. You know they represent love right?

Ok, now I have to share something that always happens to me. Once I very good psychic let me communicate with my grandfather. She laughed and said he was going to send me Turkey birds. So here I am thinking that I am going to see wild turkeys or birds that remind me of turkeys. Nope that wasn't it.<br />
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I was walking down the road one day and looked up and a turkey buzzard flew directly over my head. Then it turned around and did it again. Then it looked like it was flying far away. So I said "OK POP, how about one more time?" That bird turned around, came all the way back and flew low right over my head again. When I say flew over my head I don't mean near me, I mean RIGHT over my head! I started crying and thanking Pop for watching over me. <br />
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Now I see them do it all the time. I go driving or walking and they always show up long enough for me to acknowledge them and say "Hi POP" It either makes me cry or brings me peace and joy!!! They can change my mood to a positive in seconds.<br />
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When I looked up the meaning of buzzards in an animal spirit book. It said they stand for the death of old things and the birth of new beginnings!!! My life is changing and I know Pop is watching over me. Love you Pop!!!

Thank you. She passed in 1987, but we still miss her. Dad passed in 1991. So both were gone before I was 30. I know they are around me, watching over myself and the family.

Better to over do, then under do. If you think they are getting tired of hearing thank you, there are always hugs. I think hugs convey sssoooo much more then words.<br><br />
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I didn't think you had a problem. I mean twice a year is not even close to a drinking problem. My husband only drinks once a year. That is on Christmas eve when he has to be around my sisters. Who can blame him for that.<br><br />
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I am very careful about my drinking, because alcoholism runs in my family. It is a horrible way to watch a parent cross over as a result. I watch my Mom go that way and I still get emotional when I think of it. I will have to post a story about it in a different place.

I'm very happy that you have found friends that cheer you up and that you no longer NEED to drink. That is a huge step forward. Keep up the good work and make sure that you tell your friends how much you appreciate having them in your life.