Thank You, Pres. Obama For Recognizing the Nonbelievers

I wanted to briefly write about the one politician that is taking the time to recognize that there are atheists Americans - and we vote(d).  President Obama is begining to clean up the theocratic mess Bush left behind.  Apparently, our previous president never read the Constitution.  

So, thank you, President Obama, for taking the time to include us, the non believers in your speaches and public addresses.  I only hope more politiicians will follow your example. 

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6 Responses Jun 14, 2009

BennyBlack - the socialism is distressing. I am very much a capitalist. The good news is that Obama gets 8 years max. Then the next president can then undo what the American public sees as damaging and a high priority. If Americans get upset over what Obama is doing they can always change the Senate and Congress to a Republican majority. That would definately slow things down. The good thing about America is the checks and balances of power. <br />
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I didnt vote for him. He was promising too many conflicting things to too many opposing groups so I didnt know where he stood on what. However, I am very happy with what he has done for women's reproductive healthcare, publicly acknowledging that America is not a christian nation, and even publicly including non believers in his speeches.

President Monroe, when ratifying our treaty with Tripoli, wrote "this ended a clash of nations, not of religions. The United States is not a Christian Nation." The Founders and the fr<x>amers realized that the only to ensure freedom of religion was to ensure freedom for all religions, with equal time for those who profess no faith.

I would still like to see an Atheist in office. <br />
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Regardless, I will be thrilled to see the wall of seperation repaired and I dont care who does it.

That is interesting and true. However his alleged belief in Islam seems to be helping with foreign relations. (Key word is seems.)<br />
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Maybe at some point in his life he was muslim but what he believes now only he knows.

FarmerGiles: The only thing that I trust a politician to do is to LIE.

An interesting irony here (even though I absolutely second your message), is that Obama has actually mentioned Jesus and religion more frequently than Bush had at this point. There was an article exploring this on Politico a week or so ago, unfortunately I didn't save the link. <br />
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I think what is inspiring about President Obama is that he clearly respects alternate viewpoints and he doesn't kneel to the Pat Robertson types. Indeed, I cannot recall any other pol in my lifetime who even had the courage to say the word nonbeliever, or whom I thought might actually have an intellectuals' grasp of scientific issues. So I am hopeful - far more than during the previous presidency. <br />
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But I think it is also relevant to remember that he is a pol and we should be wary to trust any of them. President Obama, no doubt, is aware that nonbelievers make up an ever growing 16% of the population (source Religulous). And clearly, President Obama is willing to present himself as a devoutly religious person when it serves certain political purposes. But definitely, a big step in the right direction.