Being With Him

So Dave had a little surgery that postponed his date to leave for basics...and it makes me wonder what this is going to do to the "relationship" that we have. We aren't "together", but we may as well be. When we aren't busy we are together..unfortunately it isn't everyday but at least once a week. We may as well be together in a relationship, but for some reason he wanted me to wait until he came back in Feb. I dont know if that is still the plan just pushed back??? Anyway... I am going to see him this weekend...and I have plans to ask him to be my boyfriend. I figured I would take him to a park and walk the trails then have a little picinic...then write a little message on his napkin asking him to be my boyfriend...I'm just kinda scared that he might be offended or say no. An awesome friend of mine on here told me to be Strong like most Army Girls are...and even though I'm not one....I'm going to do it....and be a tough chick...  What do you girls think? Did I lose my mind or is it a good idea????
lizzlefizzle57 lizzlefizzle57
18-21, F
Sep 28, 2011