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My bf has only been gone 5 months for training and he is almost home.  It has been hard having him gone but I do feel stronger than when he first left and I know I could get through him being deployed at least better than before this.  But my bf cheated on me with his battle buddy who is a girl on an overnight pass.  Has this ever happened to any of you and how have you dealt? I really need help with this.  I dont want to lose him and I really love him but I dont know how to get over this.

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My ex cheated on me and I couldn't trust him at all after that and I'm sure right now you are having your doughts about trusting him. Honestly my ex was home with me and he said he acted all upset and didn't wanna cheat again but he made us go on a break so he could try it out with another girl. I was with him for 3 years thinking that he was true and that he loved me and everything but in the end it was lies. Sure he cared about<br />
me and idk why he did it kinda but he never changed and noone ever does really. I know you don't want to hear what everyone is saying that he is a crappy person for doing this but he is. And if he ccheated during training which I'm sure you have more contact with him now then you will when he is deployed for way longer too who says he isn't going to cheat on you when he is deployed for a year or longer. Just do what your heart tells you but everytime I would kiss my ex I would think about what he dis to me and that never goes away in a relationship. Good luck and if you wanna message me I'm here to talk.


well okay then hun good luck an hope he doesnt do anytihng ****** like that again

I don't know I understand the whole weak thing and no I wouldnt want someone i care about to be doing what i am but we had things planned. he proposed while he was home and i know he still wants that if he does it again i will def be gone but I believe in second chances but not third and fouth and fifth and sixth chances. I've talked to him a lot about it and there are only 2 weeks left until he comes home and if I feel like he is going to do it again i will def be strong and end it but we have gone through a lot together and he might learn from this and not do it again i know you probably think im just denile but i really care about him and i know he cares about me too

hun you need to understand that its what people say... Do you ever think.. as he was cheating on you with her..that he didnt think of you that he didnt care? what he honestly wants is to have that loving girl back home but have his fun with other girls whiles hes away and i can truly say i have seen it before with my ex boyfriend and his friends that were marines.. i got cheated on as well an i found out thru myspace of all lame things. but half his friends had gfs back home in there country states while they where here in California hanging around all the other hot girls around.. they knw u wont play them but they can you an that u wont leave them so there going to have there cake an eat it too.. you honestly need to be strong... if this were to happen to lets say your younger wouldnt want her with him.. am i right.. i dnt like to hear girls being weak an beliving in everything that there men say.. be strong an live your life worry free cuz from now on you will never trust an belive him an your always going to have the thought in the back of your mind that hes goin to be cheating..

But he says it wont happen again and he is almost home, I might wait and see how it is when he is home. It is so not like him to do this. He is always so sweet and loving its so out of character.

okay hunny if sumone cheats and they knw that you didnt reacted horriable then they are going to keep doing it over an over if they cheat they dnt love you sorry its the truth! I knw you couldnt cheat on him right? cuz u love him dearly an wouldnt want to hurt his feelings so honestly he doesnt care that much about you. im sooo sorry no one should ever be with someone like that. EVER! LEAVE HIM! Find someone else that will never disrespect you, and treat you right!! and to that chick above me..are you serious? shes an idoit! an gets played alot an ignorant...<br />
<br />
you need to be a strong girl and stand your own ground!! you will find better!!!

You an't married yet, so don't worry about it. Every time guys go out together anything can happen, especially drunk. Confronting him over and over again, even suspect will lead to a truth, that you are not ready to believe, forgive and learn together.