Definately A Changed Person

Me and my boyfriend havent even been together as long as alot of people here, I'm already going insane and miss him so much so I seriously commend every woman here because this is really hard, it's still new to me, so this site is so amazing.  But this whole thing has changed me so much, he's made me strive to be such a better person.  I never used to be a ****, but I used to like to have fun, I used to be a smoker and major partyer.  I fell so in love with him that I've quit smoking, and cant even see other guys at this point. So as much as I miss him, I can take a step back and look at everything and think wow, I'm a stronger, more mature person now because of this [:   

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When my soldier came into my life I was an absolute drunken mess! Being his makes me want to do so much better so that he can be as proud of me as I am of him. I've known him a long time, but we didn't become close until last February. And when he came home after AIT, we fell headfirst, overheels, backwards, forwards and everything else in love. He's my perfect man. My love and my soldier. Even though we haven't had long together, I just know he's the one. And he feels the same.
For the first time in my life I feel strong because I finally have a reason to be. Something I will fight for with my last breath. I have to be strong for him and for myself. It'll be a year until I see him again, but I'm ok because I love him and I don't want a life without him.
Loving a soldier really changes your perspective.

I know exactly how u guys feel I met my now fiance when he was home on R&R he was here for 2 weeks and from the moment we met each other there was an instant connection and it has just grown immensely stronger through this whole situation. I have now been with him for 14 months and were getting married in June when hes home on leave but when we first met he was here for 2 weeks and then gone he is stationed 1500 miles away from me and I only get to see him every 6 months but I realize that everything I go through for him has made me a much better and stronger for that. And every woman on here is an amazingly strong and beautiful woman and I commend all of you for having the strength to stand by ur soldier and I thank all of u for the advice u have given me and if any of u need someone to talk to I am here just message me and I will answer as soon as I get the message I promise :)

I know exactly what you mean. My boyfriend and I will have been together not quite 5 months when he deploys, and we will have been in separate parts of the country for a month of that. It's not like me to fall so quickly for someone, especially not someone whos leaving for a year. But somehow I know that he's the one. There is no doubt in my mind. So while people tell me crazy I grin and bare it. I love him, and that's what counts. <br />
I'm so happy you found a great boy. Army men know how to treat a lady. They are gentlemen through and through. <br />
Thanks to all you ladies, your support is amazing!

i agree 100 % i have known my boyfriend for 4 years and even when we were not dating we were close friends, he has made me into a better person i was in an abusive relationship and he made me realize that i deserved more i miss him terribly he left April 28th for basic training and not a moment goes by that i do not think of him i can not wait for him to come home. he gave me a promise ring before he left and it hasnt left my finger since it is amazing how one person can change your entire life.

A lot of people thnk its weird that my boyfriend and i didnt date before he left..he was done with basic b4 we even started tlking...we havent been together very long either... 6 months in 2 weeks and one day :) he tells me every day that im so strong and ik that i am..bcuz of this expirence. = ]

I haven't been with my boyfriend long either. we only dated a month before he left but we fell in love with each other..there were three girls before me that couldnt handle the whole relationship thing with him being deployed so he originally didnt even want a relationship until he came back..but i was persistent and we both got attached to each other...and he knows he wants to marry me. we've been together going on 4 months now. I feel stronger now too and I just want to accomplish so much..hes told me to stop being superwoman. also ive had to fend for myself alot after people not coming through. my boyfriend asked like 4 of his friends to help us out through this and only one has made an effort to hang out with me. 2 of them, one that use to be his best friend, dont really even talk to him much anymore and the other has just been an *** to me several times..he'll just tell me to relax..which is easier said than done..and if i say i cant, than hes told me either relax or break up with my boyfriend, which i will never do, i love him too much and couldnt be happier with anyone else. girls on here r really the onlyy ones who could understand how i feel about him and about him being gone. i dont need someone to basically tell me to suck it up if i just say i miss him. but anyways really the only other people i have to talk to is his family.