An Example Of The Power Of Beliefs

Let's say that you grew up in a windowless room.  For you, that was normal and natural.  There was a single door in the room, but you were told from the time that you were very young tht the door led to the world of evil, so you should NEVER go near it.  So, you grew up in that one dimly-lit room.

Every time you thought of opening the door, you would add more protection.  You would put up barriers so that you wouldn't accidentally bump up against it and nudge it open.  As bad things happened to you, you would blame it on evil-leakage, and you would try to block the door - not only from your sight because when you look at the door, you wonder about evil - but also from evil-leakage.  In that room, you died.

Now put an intellectually curious person in that same room and give the same warning:  Don't open the door because evil lurks behind it.  Unable to contain the curiosity after a while, This person opens the door.  Imagine what was found.  He/she had been living in a dark storage room.  On the other side of the door was a magnificent mansion filled with every fascinating thing.  The mansion even had many windows and even doors that led out to an incredibly beautiful scene, complete with blue skies and starry nights.  It was all mine, if I dared open the door.

Person one and person two have only one belief that is not in common.  One believes in evil.  The other decides that if evil is real, and it does sound improbable, it is worth knowing, so person two doesn't fear it.  Person one has wasted his life.  Person two gained hers.

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within you.  Don't believe anyone who tells you that it is somewhere else, such as where you go after you die or in the sky somewhere.  (Luke 17:21).  The kingdom of heaven is a mansion.  It includes the dark storage room where you spent your life (your body), but the room is only a very tiny part of an unimaginably grand place.
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After so many bad things happening to the first person, wouldn't they not care after so long and open the door to end the suffering? Why delay the inevitable? Person number one, could eventually grow used to the thought of evil on the other side of the door. Which they might take down the barriers after a while and come to the realization that they are going to have to confront the evil. Which in fact, the evil is the doorway to the mansion. So basically, can person number one eventually get used to the evil thought, and become curious, even though they are not 'intelligent'? I like the story though, anything that makes me think is worth reading. Just about anything you post makes me think. :) Enjoy your posts Gail, keep it up!

What happens to the child-abusers who put the kid in the room and lied to her?

Well said.

You are so blessed that you have the way to express to us the contradictions in the bible that for us is so much easier to understand having read your posts. <br />
<br />
You have such a great way with words…thanks…

a nice analogy, although it is not easy to let go of our own belief systems. I feel that it is more than an act of will there (at least will in the sense of a desire of your present conscious mind). What I agree with though is that each one of us should acknowledge the door and try to find out the beauty out there.