He Has a Point

I spoke to "B" last night. He said, "You're ending it over one incident, forgetting about everything else we shared."

He does have a point. But I made my point too. How I was frightened, didn't understand, questioned if I shared the same values with him considering the kind of choice he made.  I told him how I started going to Al-Anon to process the feelings.

What's amazing about him is that he's incredibly non-judgemental. He sees my shortcomings and so accepts them without a word. One of my major shortcomings is being very short with people, and if they offend me I just cut them off. No dialogue, nothing. I'm pretty harsh. Really harsh.

But I still don't know what I'll do. I am enjoying taking care of me, taking care of my home, having a love affair with me. Flirting and the possibility of being with someone new. I am on day 18 of my love affair with me, and Day 21 will mean I have created a habit! YAy!

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3 Responses Sep 30, 2009

I think he is trying to minimize his behavior by saying that to you....so that it won't seem like such a big deal....<br />
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Did he think about all you two have shared, when he chose to do it? If he did, and if he thought of you, instead of himself, all would be as it should be with you guys.....But, instead, he's trying to convince you, that he's worth your efforts....typical....it wouldn't be long, and you'd be wondering what you were thinking, by giving him another chance....he had his chance, and he blew it!<br />
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Congratulations on listening to your inner voice....and taking care of YOU! More power to you!

LaFemme--how kind of you to share your thoughts. Thank you so much. I realize there are no single pat answers, and whatever I choose (and I don't have to choose right this second) all will be well.

Breaking up is never easy and you obviously know now what YOU need. It's time to open up a new door. You go girl!!!!