A Child Who Is Unborn


          When a mother first finds out that she is having her first child, there is a lot of unexpected things that she is going to go through, not just physically with her body but a lot of other changes are gonna happen. Mothers are specials angels put here on this Earth to be mothers, a blessing for all children to learn and to grow up, and one day be able to fly the coop on there own one day, that is what mother's are here for, is too teach and guide the way for there youngesters!! I personally have 4 children that have passed on to a better place within the next life, but even as I was growing up, I have always been anti-aboration and will always be!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't people see that killing a child inside a mother's womb is cold-blooded murder, that child dose have a heart, that child does have a soul, that child has lungs that help it too breathe, that child does have a heartbeat ( when u listen to an ultersound, do u know hear that sweet sound of ur own child's heart beating with in as a mother), and most important that child is a human being not just a fetus growing inside a womb of a mother! A child that is growing inside a womb, has been created by a mother and a father, I know there are times that one or the other person, dosen't wanna deal with a child so they walk out on the mother, but what happens when both peopole walk out on that child, is that child gonna even make it outside the womb and have a life, like all of us that were given a chance to live outside the womb into this world? Its not the child's fault, for that child didn't ask to be concived let alone born into a family with problems, if that child makes it outside the womb, and there is still family problems, and the child see's its, that can only cause the child to think, maybe its my fault " momma and dadd, had me and then all the problems started", for that is not true in all cases, but if two people can spread there legs, then they are responsilbe to take care of a child, if concived at that time!! I just do not get it why people think its not ok to kill someone, but that its ok to kill a baby, hell too me its the same thing, its murder only premetened in this case, of what is known as aboration, even if that child was concvied as a baby rape, like my own first child, my little girl Oceanniana, I still would've loved her the same as the rest  of my children if they were all alieve, for my higher powers took them  too a better place, one day I know I will see my kids again!! Too me regardless if a child is a rape baby, it makes no difference in this world too me, all children are a blessing from the Heaven's above. I gave natural birth too all my stillborn children; it was hard and painful, but it was more painful to look at my children and the beauty that they held inside there little soul's that already passed on, they were so tiny and yet too me inside they were full of life, even though they were born but into this world, they were born and taken to a better place. But I wouldn't have treated my rape baby any different than the rest of my kids, her brother's and sister's, too me they were all the same just different sexes and personilities!! I remember holding every one of my kids in my arms as they were born, I will never forget it, they were so amazing but most of all it reminds me of the pain, of when I hear someone say " Abortation is the only answer"!!! My blue eyes just cry out in pain and in grief why would someone do that to an innoccent child, its not there fault for being inside that womb, I could fight war war 1 and 2 all over by myself and I still wouldn't be happy, because kids are wonderful, they help us parents grow into something more besides parents, for they too as young as they are, they are teaching us new things, u know times change and generations change and beacuse of these Heave sent blessings we call children, are helping us learn new things in all new directions and generations. A child inside the womb is unborn has no idea that they may not have a chance to live outside the womb, for there brains are too small to put all the pieces together, think about this:


                      when a child gets hurt physically, who is there to pick them up and take them to a doctor?

                     when a child crys for a bottle, a passifire, who goes and gets one and takes it to there child, and rocks them back too sleep?

                   when a child needs someone to feed them or change there diapers, who has matereal insticts, to go and pick up that child and feed them and change there diapers?

                when a child grows up and start talking, there first words are either dadda or momma, whoes gonna be there to hear thoes first words?

          when a child is scared and awakes from a nightmare, saying there is mosters underneathe there bed, whoes gonna be there to tell them there is no monster under ur bed and whoes gonna lay there with them until they fall back a sleep, in peace?

        when a child starts to walk and falls down in fear, cause they know they are trying to walk by themselves, whoes gonna be there to tell them ur ok, u can do this I am right here to help u?

          when a child is sick, running a temp or 101 F, has a cough, has an ear ache and etc, whoes gonna be there to hold them and get medience for them?

                                              who is a child depent on, for everything in life, until they are older and are able to fly the coop on there own one day, and start there own family?



                Not many children make it outside a mother's womb, to have a chance at life and too succed, but for thoes children do not desersve too be killed for another mortal's actions, just because that a mortal dosen't wanna take care of it, there are too many couples or parents in this world, whoes tried to concive there unborn but for they cannot, there bodies cannot do it right, and all's they want is a child to love as there own and have that child call them " Momma and Dadda", is it that simple to take another mortals life and its chances of being, another mortal's child as there own?

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ty, for both of ur all's kindness and thoughtfullness, and ty for reading what I have posted ty again!

You stated your opinion greatly. It made me think twice about things.

Beautifu! Good job writing your thoughts down and getting the point across!!