They Left And I Was Alone.

Since I've been born, both of my grandfathers, one of my aunts and one of my uncles has left and will never come back. When my grandpa and aunt died within six months of each other, I went through depression and my parents didn't even notice. It brought me deeper into my depression and when one of my teachers reached out to help me, I turned it away because I wanted that to be from my parents.
When my relatives died, I lost connection with the rest of my family. I became more quiet (and I'm quiet to begin with). My family left me alone and when my sister said that their deaths brought the family closer together, all I could think of was how I was on an ice-burg floating out farther and farther from the mainland where my family was.
I know that everyone leaves in the end, but I didn't expect them to leave before I left least not the living ones...
Lonliness Lonliness
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010