Your simple and gentle grace incessantly whispers its truthful treasures into my conscious mind. Each passing day, a new pattern... an original, organic connection enlightens my eyes. Wherever I may go, I become more aware of Your incomparable effect. I gaze my eyes fixedly towards You. Your love empowers and entwines with my heart, flowing from within, while simultaneously reaching towards all which is in personal proximity.
This cleansing purity: endless liberation, eternal encouragement...

As I steadily am awakening to You, the harmonious fluttering in my chest has become more evident. It resonates throughout my body, telling me to “Remember.”
And as these bloody wings spring forth from my chest, I trust in You, my guide, to lead me upon the path of Your choosing. I seek you, and you soothe my soul with your powerful, perfect Love -- I am ultimately unafraid of falling. I trust that I am in Your hands, and that You give me choices and responsibilities... and if I continue to remember, I will have an abundance of joy. Because I am accepting that I am apart of You, and You are my very root, I will always succeed.

You are the emissary of all the pure and unconditional gems. You are my purpose... my confidant(e), my sincere savior... Nothing can separate me from Your love.

DustToAshes DustToAshes
22-25, F
3 Responses May 6, 2012

I am given <br />
A warm heart,<br />
A loving will<br />
For this world. <br />
<br />
But, ultimately, not of this world.<br />
<br />
I see reality at more than simply an arm's length; I see more than what is in front of me with what only pale eyes can perceive.<br />
I choose to see what is offered and inspired that is not of this world, but for this world.<br />
<br />
I see the mess. I see the emptiness. But my gaze does not simply stop there. My heart keeps beating.<br />
<br />
I thank God that you are in this world, and I also, in truth, thank Him that I am in it, too.

You my dear.... are too good, pure and idealistic for this world. But I thank god that you're in it.

This is either about Jesus Christ or one hell of a boyfriend.