A Flower

Through darkness I came - hibernating throughout the winter - pushing forward, slowly breaking through the surface - catching my first glimpse of light....a little bud basking in the sunlight - full of hope for the future...enduring the gentle rains of spring - knowing that they made me stronger, gave me deeper roots & the strength to grow towards the light - to rise above the surrounding weeds - ever straining to grow stronger, grow taller...and then an amazing thing happened - very slowly my petals began to unfurl...I opened up and was basked in sunlight - a beautiful, fragile flower that against all odds had blossomed - a flower whose roots were deep and whose stem was strong...

And that is how you found me...you loved the depth of colour in my petals, loved how soft and fragile they were - loved how i had endured...you plucked me from the soil, held me close and I felt loved and cherished....you should have cared for me - instead you discarded me - like a weed that had no place in your garden - like something that was disposable.

But I am not disposable...your touch may have withered my petals - left them scorched and dying...but i have learned that flowers are not meant to be plucked from the soil - they survive best when they stand alone - deeply rooted and able to nourish themselves...you were selfish to take so much from me - you took me as yours without realising that such a rare flower requires a special love - love that you are incapable of giving - for true love requires giving unselfishly of yourself.

I may be withered, uprooted and lost at the moment - damaged by your very touch - but i will survive - my roots will once again be strong and the beauty of my petals will be visible for all to see and love. Someone will love me as I am - they will know how to cherish me and care for me and they will get to experience what it is like to be loved by me every day for the rest of their lives.....but you - you will never meet a flower as rare and as beautiful as me ever again... 

Flugelblues Flugelblues
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3 Responses May 6, 2008

Thank you Sooner xxx

I know that I will....and he will be the sweetest and most wonderful man.

Thank you Paul!! xxx