Of Course It's Not!

Intelligent design and science are two completely different ideas, using different logic and different methods of explaining our existence. They do not make sense to each other and the modes of thinking that accept either given answer are near polar opposites. Just watch any debate about science vs. Religion and one can clear see that the two sides not only are completely incapable of understanding each other, but they blatantly refuse to try.
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I used the term emotional thinking for lack of a better term, and I can see how you would have jumped to the conclusions you did, bt that's not what I meant. Clearly you lack the experience necessary to fully understand what I'm saying, but I'm talking about when you have a feeling about something that is undeniable, inescapable, and all-consuming. A paowerful feeling that fills your entire body and all you can think is that something is inarguably true, as if it resonates at the same frequency as your mind, producing that amazing musical synchrocity that I'm sure you've seen between two inanimate ob<x>jects. Sometimes it defies logic, but cannot be ignored as meaningless.

Ah yes, it's all in the Bible. Everything. I have seen Biblical "proof" and predictions of scientific discoveries and future events... all of those things are in the Bible, if you are desperate enough to find them. Some of the stretches that biblical scholars take with words is amazing. (one of my faves is how the 6 days of God actually equals 14 billion years) It is written vaguely enough to be interpreted to mean anything, that is how the Bible can mean love to many but also justify slavery, the Crusades, the Holocaust, and the Inquisition. <br><br />
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The burden of proof lies with you Bible thumpers. I eagerly await this proof and scientific wisdom you say is in the Bible. Please enlighten us all.

Oh you young folks of such limited understanding and knowledge. Do you not relaize that many of our great scientist of the past was from the area of religion and many were christians. The idea of Science orginally was to understand how God made everything and how it worked. They understood that if God made everything than there would be reason, logic and pattern to all. A true man of science does not eliminate the possbile exsistants of God but uses it as a templent for why something is. <br />
Remember true science is the search for the truth of something, how it works, why is it, what is it, how can it be used. If you automaticly limit your ablility to think about a possible creator you have limited your thinking drasticly. You have become the flea trying to explain the dog you live on. <br />
Most cultures who have not grown in science were the same cultures where religious ex<x>pression was stymied. And yes you can give examples where some religous leaders and men of science differed, as I can give where science and the good of society differed. Where men of science new something to be absolute truth and fact and was later discovered not to be so.<br />
Science only recently has been on the attack of religion it has forgotten its roots and what its purpose is.<br />
But here is a challenge for all you little brainacs out there. Take a christian bible read through it, find the science information that is in it (it is there trust me) and see where it and the science world differ. I have done this when I was an Athiest. I was astounded to find scientific principles that would not exsit for several hundered or thousand years of its writting. Do not be cowardly if you are truely a truth seeker take the challenge. It was told to me and I will tell you "If you can find where the Bible is error (not by opion but by fact) than it is entirely wrong. Just so you know thousands have tried and all have failed so give it a try you could become the most famous person in all the world.

Ok, I'll bite. Give me one example in the bible of scientific principles. Tell me where I can find one example of scientific principle.

No problemo. <br />
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I'm confused about what the term 'emotional thinking' can even mean. Does it have anything to do with truth and reality? Do you mean people believing in things that make them feel good, regardless of their relation to truth? Science has proved religion wrong for thousands of years, but apparently that's not enough for many people. *shrugs*

Ahh! Thank you for providing an epitomic example for my "two sides not only are completely incapable of understanding each other, but they blatantly refuse to try." Comment!<br />
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Now we just need someone who believes scientists are as devoid of emotional thinking as you believe they are of logical thinking, and mankind's astonishingly successful attempt to accomplish absolutely nothing will continue unhindered!

I agree with your different kinds of logic line. Science is logical, and religion is illogical.