I Think It Should Be Taught.

Because we need to hear both sides of the story.

In addition, I think astrology should be taught in conjunction with astronomy, alchemy with chemistry, phrenology with psychology.


And don't even get me started about math class.

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Don't forget the stork theory. Babies popping out of a vagina just doesn't appeal to everyone.

WMYTIN, I sure hope you peek in here every once in a while to catch the comments. ;-)

If there really was an Intelligent Designer would It create a species that is such a threat to itself let alone practically all other life on Earth within only a millenia or so? :-)

"It" because, obviously an omnipotent, omnipresent, unique supernatural being would logically be sex-less.

Are you Fckng insane, they shouldn't let 2year olds access computers. do the world a favour and shut up!

12,000 years is the upper limit fo rsome. there's a body of opinion that it's just over 6,000 years. Now that is difficult to believe

I thought he was being sarcastic and making fun of those that say the Bible is infallible. No, it scares me to think that there are so many who believe the world is less than 12,000 years old

Puck if that is the case you have just created a problem for WMYTIN. He says God is infallible but in the post above he also says Science is always wrong. The two are not compatible. Of course in his simplistic manner he equates the updating of scitific knowledge as meaning everything before was wrong. Not very logical. Once they believed the world was flat but they changed their minds and a picture from Apollo 9 kinda helped. I think anyone who backs themself into a corner where they state that one version of events, toowit the bible, is the source of all knowldge and noting else is ever right is amking a fool of themselves. But then EP is populated with fools of every persuasion.

It's interesting how Sumerian and Babylonian texts are so similar with the Garden of Eden story.

I've reconciled God and science. God created science.

Well I think a simple "the edges were accounted for" would have sufficed, but nonetheless, great job datura!


Dr Henry Morris explains the pi problem in I Kings as follows: "Why then does the Bible appear to give the value of π to be 3? A diameter of 10 cubits should yield a circle having a circumference of more that 31.4 cubits--not 30 cubits. Is the Bible just rounding things off? Are the Biblical values just approximate and not really exact? If we see here that the scripture is not exact, what other passages also contain words that cannot be received with complete accuracy?

1 Kings 7:26 It [the above mentioned metal pool] was a handbreadth in thickness, and its rim was like the rim of a cup, like a lily blossom. It held two thousand baths.

If the diameter of this bowl was 10 cubits, then the circumference should have been 31.415926 cubits, and not just 30 cubits! Any math student will tell you that the circumference of a circle is found by taking the diameter times Pi (3.14159265358979...), is commonly approximated by 22/7 if great accuracy is not needed. Is this an error? Think again. The answer is so simple!

The diameter of 10 cubits is from outer rim to outer rim, the way anyone would measure a circular object. The circumference of 30 cubits, however, was of the inner circle, after subtracting the thickness of the brass (two handbreadths—one for each side) from which the bowl was made. This would be the number needed to calculate the volume of water.

calculation of pi =

(30 x 18) / [(10 x 18) - (2 x 4.05)] = 540 / (180 - 8.10) = 3.1413613 = 3.1414

Let's compare our calculated value of 3.1414 to the real value of "pi", which is 3.1415927. Actually, the parameters given in 1 Kings 7:23-26 gives a direct value for "pi" that is within 2 parts in 10,000, which is fairly accurate. Since the outside diameter of the sea is 10 cubits, what is the inside diameter?

inside diameter = circumference / pi = 30 / 3.1415927 = 9.5493 cubits

And, since the inside circumference is 30 cubits, what is the outside circumference?

outside circumference = diameter x pi = 10 x 3.1415927 = 31.4159 cubits."

There can be more than two sides to a story!

good point.

Yeah, I guess not but you what I mean.

Stevester said:-

"Virgo my ***. "

I'd rather not, if its all the same to you.


Both sides of what story? The earth and mankind are here. There are alternative explanations. One is based upon a scientific theory supported by 150 years of observations and experimentation at the phenotype, genotypic and molecular biology level. Deduced from this evidence is the theory of variation and natural selection.

The other explanation is that we don't agree with the above and the story in Genesis is true. They may be alternative but they are not in any way equal. There is nothing to support creationism or ID, nothing but one story in one book. All the attempts to obfuscate by multiplying independent probabilities, focusing on the missing link, using homo centric arguments and ignoring the fact that no rabbit fossils are in the precambrian just further show that one is a scientific theory and the other is a parable used to explain the inexplicable thousands of years ago (oh and to indoctrinate uneducated tribes in Africa so God will have more souls). As for Astrology being the other side of the story to Astronomy, get a life and stop being ******* ridiculous. Virgo my ***.

Are there only two sides of the story then? Don't get me wrong, I am firmly on the side of evolution - but if you want to include religion into it - well you have to include them all. There will be many sides of this. If you want intelligent design, I will go with the Greek Goddess Gaia being the designer.

I agree that those classes complement one another... I also think that psychology should be taught with biology and religion simultaneously- then we'd all really have life figured out.

I think I'm going to c&p MARINE's comment and post it on every story I come across. Just because.

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