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I Believe In Tommorrow, For Then I'll Understand

Yes, I never thought that I would find myself in that confused state.I was all excited about my new home. Everything was perfect until I was told that my home was built on someone else's property. Now I have to pay for the extra   land that the house occupies and more. My God, why is this happening to me now. Plus i just built an addition to the the home which has not been paid for, Why didn't they notice that my location was wrong before I put this addition? now my beautiful intelligent daughter is about to begin college and we don;t have a dime. I don't even know how to tell her that she will not be going to college in september. She is so excited and psyched for her studies. Why are all these financial troubles coming my way at the same time? I don't understand. But I believe in tommorrow, for i know I'll find the answer by and by.
Brownrose42 Brownrose42 41-45, F Jul 7, 2010

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