It's Now Or Never

It has been 8 long years since the shocking discovery of his affair.  Just like all marital affair, I pray and hope it will go away but it never did.  Life was extremely painful for me, a working professional with two growing sons.  Much tears were shed in silence.  The thought of leaving was always there but I was unable to do it.  Emotionally I was not ready to let go the 20 years marriage and also, my sons' wishes for an intact family.  Despite my pain, I stayed on to keep a peaceful home to ensure my sons studies were not affected by my marital problem.  I believe they knew what I was going though and my sacrifices.

My elder graduated with a high dinstinction and is currently working in Overseas while the younger one is living with him and pursuing Architectuaral Studies.  I visit them occasionally.  Today I am emotionally and financially stronger.  And, the most beautiful part is I had told him that I want out from this marriage! Both the children are giving me the blessing.

Others may not understand why I stayed in such indignified marriage but I have no regret.  
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5 Responses Sep 5, 2010

Yes came out stronger and will soon be touring TURKEY!!!

i think you did the right thing<br />
i mean you stuck through it for a little for the sake of your children,which was an extremely selfless act, and you left when you knew your children would be okay. Im glad you got out of that relationship! You deserve much better and though it was very tough you made it through in one piece and you came out even stronger!

I appraise you for sticking to your kids wishes and though the hard times.<br />
That sounds lame =D lets try again!<br />
It must have been a shock for you to discover that your wife was cheating on you. To stick it though, to put all your effort into maintaining that marriage must have been really hard, and it seems i did work out in the end =)

Thank you. I can't say am feeling proud rather i feel relax and peaceful. I am no longer angry with him, with situation or with my fate. I want to treasure what I have and not what I don't have or can't have.

You should be proud of yourself.