Which Way To Go...

I've live in Phoenix 3 different times now.  I love this city, but I think the time has come that I move on with my life. I've lived in various other places across the US as well, but , for some reason, I kept being pulled back here. It's 9:02am and 93 degrees. for the 7th year in collection. My hometown is too cold in many different ways. Going back to California is not an option, to live anyhow.

A friend of mine began telling me about Oregon. I started looking at some states and some photos and began to feel the gypsy in me come out again. I have so much to lose this time. I now have a fully furnished apartment in my own decor, which I never had before. I have a great job, but it's literally putting me on medical disability. I can not continue to live like this. 

I don't want the normal "married with children" lifestyle. I'm too adventurous. I've moved a total of 14 times over the past 11 years. I'm a gypsy trapped in a 9-5 world. It's killing me. I'm beginning to think that Oregon may be the cure.

I want to move to a smaller town. Not too small mind you, but small enough that I can get a duplex with my cats and finish school. I need to move out of the career world so I can finish my education. What's the definition of insanity - repeating the same thing expecting a different outcome... Detroit, Phoenix, Los Angeles - I'm tired. Please let me rest and do what i have to do. Let me do what I want to do... good bye to 9-5.

I'm finding various ways to raise money to help with my move and luckily I'll be out from underneath a car payment soon. Decisions like this, especially in this economy, are risky. Life is rough everywhere. The whole idea of this life changing decision one of the scariest emotions I've felt in a while but it feels right. Now, it's just a matter of taking a trip up there and checking things out.

Even though this decision is risky, I have faith. No matter how difficult things get, they always have a way of working out. I am very optimistic that this is the right decision, just by following my own intuition. I know that it will work out in the end.
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well, i understand....i also travelled and lived in many different places..from himalayas to saudi arabia to yemen to washington(although the city was boring)....my school farewell tittle was 'miss here there everywhere!!'..my parents are from different countries too....i changed 11 schools...i just now entered college....although i topped the university i feel like roaming the world and leave the college...normal is too boring for 'sensation seekers like us.'<br />
i do get you....u are young and can take risk....you dont want to grow old and look back and ask yourself: what if?<br />
<br />
first have some savings(financial)and then take a step.....let the gypsy in you be free and happy....when you grow old you wont regret that i didnt try( if the whole attempt fails)

Sometimes you have to take a chance!

Go for it!!!<br />
I too get restless quickly. I can't stay in one place at one job forever.<br />
<br />
I've been in the same town for about 8 years now. Time to move on.. literally.<br />
So for many reasons...Vancouver Canada will very soon be my new home.<br />
<br />
The next adventure awaits.<br />
And you are right... It always tends to work out doesn't it?